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notloB Parlour Concerts presents Katie McNally and Eric McDonald (Friday, March 2)

On Friday, March 2, notloB Folk Concerts will be pleased to welcome back two alumni, Katie McNally, who initiated notloB’s series at the Jackson Homestead (5/16/09) and Eric McDonald, who, on 11/2/07 opened for and so impressed the Rowan Brothers when they performed at the Loring-Greenough House they invited him to sit in for most of their set.

Katie McNally and Eric McDonald found each other in high school as like minded musicians in the Boston traditional music scene. Both sought to functionally push the envelope of traditional music, using original music and modern sensibility to add new color to the familiar style of tunes that have been passed down for generations. Over the years and many impromptu musical moments, this musical relationship congealed into a cohesive unit. Now the music, while based heavily in the Scottish tradition, is infused with influences from two diverse and educated musical backgrounds, where carefully arranged traditional pieces seamlessly give way to original compositions. Having always been two of the busiest players around, these two have amassed a reputable list of experience, currently including the Scottish powerhouse Cantrip (McDonald) and the fiddle super group Childsplay (McNally). This practiced musicianship shines in the melodic texture and murky tones that linger long after a McNally/McDonald performance.

Venue: Loring-Greenough House, 12 South Street, Jamaica Plain
Artists’ website –

Suggested donation $12 at the door; $10 if reservation is made at least 24 hours in advance and to JPTC members. Plus $1 preservation fee.
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00
Reservations – notlobreservations at gmail dot com

Pastries from Fiore’s
Coffee from JP Licks

More info –
Mailing list –

notloB Folk Concerts has produced close to 100 not-for-profit concerts in the greater Boston area since 2007. The series is volunteer-run; 100% of the donations go to the musicians and production expenses.

“In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive.”
~Jack Hardy

coming up…
April 12 ~ Darol Anger & Emy Phelps with Special Guest Sharon Gilchrist @ Loring-Greenough House, JP

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